Our story

Though Lamp Post Properties was not formally established until January 2016, our story really began when Ted Alling, Allen Davis, and Barry Large decided to purchase the 2nd floor of the historic Loveman’s building, transform it into 31,000 square feet of shared office space, and call it home to their new venture incubator, Lamp Post Group.

Since Lamp Post Group was started in 2010, its diverse portfolio of companies have successfully grown and proven the value of Lamp Post Group’s approach to mentorship and strategic leadership. Lamp Post Properties was a vertical extension of Lamp Post Group’s commitment to cultivating a spirit of innovation in Chattanooga.

As Lamp Post Group’s real estate arm, Lamp Post Properties is committed to creating the next generation of spaces in Chattanooga’s Innovation District and beyond. We are fighting to put modern concepts like co-living and pop-up retail inside historic buildings, in order to energize and activate the city center. With the help of Chattanooga’s community of startups and innovative leaders, Lamp Post Properties is strategically building out a dense environment of vibrant, creative spaces that will continue to ensure the future success of Chattanooga and its diverse and talented community.